Marble Floor Inlays

Replace boring marble flooring with incredible custom made marble inlay flooring with Akaar. Marble will be precision cut using CNC Waterjet Machining to a design you desire. 

What will be made? and How will it be made?

Marble will be machined, to a design you desire, and will be delivered to you. The colours of marble, texture etc can be customised. Marble will be precision cut using waterjet cutting. 

What about the design?

If you have a design, you can share if with us at [email protected], we accept DWG, DXF, PDF, CDR, SVG, AI files. If not, We have 100s of designs you can choose from, and we have an inhouse design team which can customise your design for you. 

What about material?

Due to number of different grades, quality, textures of marble, You'll have to arrange the marble, Akaar will do the pick up of the material and drop of off finished products. 

When can we get a delivery?

After marble has arrived at our production facilities, Akaar will deliver the products in 10-15 working days. Installation will take additional 10 to 15 days (If you've opted for installation service).

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