Vinyl Stickers

Are you tired of looking at empty spaces, blank walls in your home or storefront and would like to mount some of your family photos or some realistic art paintings? Can’t decide what type of print would be best? Expand your imagination with us with HP Latex Technologies where we produce an extensive range of application offerings.

Why Akaar?

Affordable prints from HP Latex 335 Printer

Gain versatility and enjoy convenient printing of indoor and outdoor jobs with the With HP Latex 335 Printer. We deliver jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based inks and produces durable, scratch-resistant prints comparable to hard-solvent inks. Printing speed up to 50 m²/hr - Billboard (2 passes) and print quality Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Experienced Solutions Team

An experienced solutions team trying to work with you to figure out which is the best manufacturing solution for you. You'll get the best solution for all of your problems.

Delivery Across India

Akaar provides delivery across India. We have delivered parts from Ahmadabad to Kolkata. From Chennai to Delhi. You'll have to only focus on your idea, and we will take care of the rest.

Where can you use Vinyl Stickers?

Store Front

A cut vinyl sign or lettering is an easy, affordable way to decorate your property. You can design something eye-catching and unique or use simple lettering for a more classic look. The best thing about using vinyl stickers for your storefront is that they’re easy to apply and come in virtually any design or lettering style you want.

Car decor

Use it for vehicle artwork or window displays, cut vinyl can be a great, affordable way to advertise. There are a ton of different uses for vinyl decals and lettering, and typically the application of cut vinyl is as simple as peeling off the back of a sticker.

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