Acrylic With Letters

Colorful, sturdy acrylic nameplates will reflect your personality and your house.

Why you should use acrylic boards instead of traditional ones?

Acrylic boards look like a smooth, consistent identification for your business. These look incredibly appealing, have a glossy finish, and overall just stand out!

What about the design?

If you have an existing design, please share it with us at [email protected] If you don't no need to worry, we have experienced designers who will get in touch with you and work on a beautiful design, customized for you.

How to install the board?

If you already have civil contractors, they can take care of installation. If not, Akaar provides installation services at a chargeable basis. Installation will take 7-10 working days after delivery, and you'll have to provide dimensions, and photos of your home or office before hand. The nameplate with come with 2 or 4 studs (depending on size) which are used for installation.

What about warranty?

Akaar provides 1 year warranty on acrylic boards.

Do you have bulk packages for apartments or office buildings or retail locations?

Yes! we work on nameplates in bulk for apartments, office, restaurants, and even hospitals. Reach out to us at [email protected] and our Solutions Expert will get in touch with you.

What's the thickness?

Acrylic boards have a standard thickness of 3mm with letters or logo of 3mm on top. However, as per your requirement, we can increase the thickness to upto 8mm.

What are standard dimensions?

Standard dimensions for a small office board is 2ft by 1ft (for a small board) and 6ft by 3ft (for a large one) however this can be increased or decreased as required.

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