Sheet Metal Cutting

Precision cut, completely customised sheet metal. With Akaar get custom cut sheet metal according to your requirements.

How will it be made?

Metal Sheets from Akaar are cut using laser cutting or CNC machining. This provides us with the precision and accuracy required.

What will be made?

You will get precision cut sheets of metal packaged and delivered. It'll be made of factory grade steel with the selected finishing. These sheets can be combined with other materials for more customisation.

When will we deliver?

We typically in 7-14 business days after the order is confirmed.

Why should you go for it?

Traditional cutting methods for metal sheets do not always satisfy your needs. They may not meet the specific dimensions or may not have the proper finishing one requires. Such methods are also very time-consuming. Sheet metal cutting with Akaar ensures to provide accuracy and precision. The metal sheets will be completely customizable and will be delivered to you. We make sure that every product undergoes quality checking to provide you with the best finishes.

How to Install?

If you already have civil contractors, they can take care of installation. If not, Akaar provides installation services at chargeable basis. The installation will take 7-10 working days after delivery, and you'll have to provide dimensions and photos of your home or office before hand.

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