Interior Design

It Can Be Modular, Traditional, or Contemporary. Your Dream home is not a "Style" It's Unique. Akaar will help you design and execute your dream home.

Why Akaar?

We Believe in Helping Shape your Dream Home

From Ideating with you, designing and executing it on site, Akaar tries to shape your dream home. We work with our manufacturing partners to figure out the most economic, effective way of executing your dream projects.

100+ Manufacturing Partners

We have 100s of manufacturing partners, ranging from modular furniture, to metal fabricators, all waiting to help you shape your idea.

3000+ Customised Projects Delivered

Akaar has been around for 4 years now, and we've executed on 3000+ custom projects, where no two projects are similar. Rest assured, your idea will be bought to life.

How Will it Work?

Design Your Dream Home

We will work with you and one of our 100+ designers, and develop all working drawings, to execute the projects. From Renders, to furniture. We will make unlimited changes, until you're satisfied, and

Execute your Dream Home

After you're satisfied we will work out the commercials, and execute the project in shortest time possible. The best part is you'll have real time updates, at every stage of the project.

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