One Step Closer To Your Dream Home

Work with our professional, qualified experts to arrive at the perfect idea of how your dream home will look and feel.

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Soul Of India, In Your Space
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How it Works?


Figure out the details of your dream home by ideating with our experts, and bring your dream home one step close to reality.


Our experienced designers, architects and engineers will work out all details of your dream home, and help you see what you want before we go ahead and shape it.


With over 3000+ custom projects delivered, and expertise across domains, your home will be bought to life in no time.

No Templates, Everything Customised for You.

Custom Designs

Your dream home does not need to conform to any template or models, it needs to be yours. Akaar exists to help shape your dream home, with expertise in various custom fabrication - wood, metal or cement, your ideas will be bought to life.

No Compromises

Very often you hear that your ideas can't be bought to life. Akaar's main goal to bridge this gap. We focus on executing on a no compromise solution for your dream home.

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