Convert your boring grills to stunning areas of art with custom machined grills delivered and installed on your doorstep. Step forward for a vast collection of interesting grills, ranging from simple to elaborate designs in a wide range of colours to suit the exterior and interior decor of your house.

Home Decor · Grills
Stainless Steel Grills
Starting From ₹ 1660 per sqft
 26 reviews
Home Decor · Grills
Mild Steel Grills
Starting From ₹ 850 per sqft
 21 reviews
Home Decor · Grills
Perforated Sheet Grills
Starting From ₹ 2500 per sqft
 27 reviews

How does it work?

Choose a Design and Material

We'll Share 100s of designs with you, choose a design you like, and finalize on dimensions. We work with Stain Steel, Mild Steel Grills, Perforated Sheet Grills etc.

We will Manufacture it

Akaar has Laser Cutting Manufacturing Partners with 0.1mm Accuracy, so rest assured, you'll love the parts you get.

And Deliver it to You

We provide delivery across India, so without any worries, you'll have a hassle-free experience.

Where can you use Grills?


Grills are as important to the house as doors. Besides protecting the house from burglars and outside dust when closed, grills are an essential part of house architecture.

Work Space

Use in storefronts, shopping malls, and retail storage spaces. They can be used in any place where you wish to protect your space from unwanted visitors, while still being able to physically see into spaces.

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