Lamp Shades

Custom made lamp shades to add character to your rooms.

How will it be made?

Lamp Shades are made using CNC laser cutting depending on the design chosen. These processes are completely automated ensuring accuracy in dimensions and smooth finish.

What will be made?

You will get a beautifully crafted lamp shade that is custom made. It'll be made of factory grade materials and assembled according to your design. We will deliver it and can also Install it at your location.

Where can you use it?

Lamp Shades can be placed in every room of your home. It not only adds the functionality to brightening the place but also adds style and class to its surroundings.

When will we deliver?

We typically deliver custom gates in 8-10 business days after the design is confirmed.

Why should you go for it?

Traditional lighting solutions often just have one role, that is providing light into the room. Lamp shades not only do this but they also add in style and elegance into the room, and with custom-made lamps, with Akaar you catch made the lamp shade to the tone of the room.

What are the materials available for the lamp shades?

Custom Lamp Shades can be made of stainless steel, mild steel or even thin MDF sheets.

How to Select a Design?

At Akaar we have 100s of designs readily available. We also have in house designers, who can help bring any creative design you have in mind to reality. Get in touch with us and we will connect you to a designer immediately.

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