Waterjet Cutting

Factory-grade Waterjet cut products customised and delivered to you.

How will it be cut?

Waterjet cutting is done by blasting an intense beam of high pressurized water at the material. This process is completely automated, hence the data is entered into the machine and then it cuts the material with high precision and accuracy.

Which file formats do you accept?

We accept files in DWG, CDR, SVG, DXF and AI formats. If possible please share a 2D PDF drafting as well to ensure proper scale.

Where can you use it?

Waterjet cutting can be used for various applications. It is commonly used to cut into deep and thick materials to form intricate patterns. Such as to make intricate designs on metals, jali patterns, tile cutting, marble cutting and more. Furthermore, waterjet cutting can be done for specific requirements to suit your needs.

When will we deliver?

We typically deliver within in 10-15 business days.

Why should you go for it?

Traditionally cutting through thick and strong materials with precision is hard and time-consuming. With waterjet cutting, both precision and time efficiency can be achieved. The designs to be cut can be intricate and complicated. Also, the waterjet offers a wide variety of materials which can be worked with.

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