SLS Prototypes

A laser selectively sinters the particles of a polymer powder, fusing them together and building a part layer-by-layer

Which material is used in SLS 3D Printing?

The most widely used SLS material is Polyamide 2200, also known as Nylon.

Which file type is needed?

We need a STEP (.STP) or STL (.STL) file along with a 2D PDF drafting.

What is the advantage of SLS 3D Printing?

SLS parts have good, isotropic mechanical properties, making them ideal for functional parts and prototypes. Also, SLS requires no support, so designs with complex geometries can be easily produced.

What will be dimensional accuracy in SLS?

± 0.3% (lower limit of ± 0.3 mm)

What will be layer thickness in SLA?

100 - 120 microns

What is the typical build volume of an SLS 3D printer?

500X500X400 mm

What is the lead time for SLS 3D printing?

5-6 working days

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