Acrylic Fabrication

With Akaar, acrylic fabrication is as simple as sending files and getting quotes. We use laser cutting, acrylic bending and pasting of acrylic to get various different products made.

Some of the products we can make at Akaar using acrylic fabrication are:

  • Visual Display Momentos

    • With tough and glossy acyrlic, you can get visual display mementos, and give your brand a whole new identity.

    • You can use this aorund your office, your store or in exhibitions to appeal to your customers.

    • We make visual display momentos in combination with LED lighting to ensure that you have vibrant, unique and customised representations of your brand.

  • Industrial Prototypes

    • Acrylic can be used to create incredible industrial prototypes.

    • Paired with laser cutting, you can make precise prototypes, cheaper than 3d Printing and lot more durable.

    • Prototypes of jigs, fixtures, and even finished products can be achieved.

    • We can also make electronic enclosures using a combination of acrylic fabrication and laser cutting.

  • Mementos

    • Leave a memorable impression on your guests or your best performing employs. Gift them custom made trophies for your school, company or your community.

    • With a combination of laser engraving and acrylic fabrication, we can ensure that you’ll have mementos which will stand the test of time.

  • Signanges

    • Create menu cards, backlit signages and laser cut acrylic coloured sign boards.

    • It can be used for reception, as washroom / toilet signs.

    • Send across your designs, and akaar will get back to you.